About us

Viridi Scandinavia was established in 2020 with the aim of disseminating sustainable products to the conscious consumer in Denmark and globally. 

We are facing a climate and biodiversity crisis that requires us, as consumers and societies, to shift our consumption to sustainable forms of consumption that respect the limits of nature and the climate. 

Viridi Scandinavia is your guarantor of buying products that have been produced and distributed in the best possible way in a sustainable way. We ensure this by only collaborating with manufacturers and suppliers who have a sustainable certification or otherwise live up to our requirements for sustainability. 

Viridi Scandinavia is an online retailer that offers competitive prices on sustainable products for women. We strive to provide a memorable experience when you shop in our online store by offering quality products with highly valued customer service.

We are based in Roskilde with nationwide customer service. We distribute worldwide via FedEx, UPS and First Class Priority Mail.

We have been around since 2021 and we have managed to build a reputable company online. We have a good team and aim to expand our business more and more and offer our customers the best sustainable products available.

If you have questions about our products, or if you want to check the availability of an item, use the "Contact Us" page to get in touch.